A time to launch...

 Originally posted on 21/3/2017

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It is so exciting for me to be sharing with you via the blog section of my new website!
This business has been a dream of mine for a while now. Something that I can do to use my skills, talents and abilities to help those around me.

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Kirsty and I am a bunch of things. Amongst those a total stationary geek, an admin addict and a work at home mother. I have been toiling away on my household, kids and my volunteer organisations for the last few years but previously to this I was a small business owner, a graduate engineer, an admin officer, a draftsman, and even a cashier at one stage! I have done lots of different things, but I have always had one thing at the centre of it. The desire to add value wherever I go.

I was once on a school camp where we had this old guy come and share with us all the pearls of wisdom he had discovered over his long life. One of the things he left us with was a pile of cards which had different quotes on them. My favourite was this

Of all the places you have been, how many have said "I am glad they were here?"

I felt like this was a mandate for me because I kept finding this card everywhere as I was headed toward adulthood. It made me really focus on the way I worked, what I was doing, how I was helping others (or not!). I have found that when I am least motivated to work, I go back to the truth at the core of that card. Am I adding value so that someone else will be glad it was me doing it?

I am sure that at the heart of most people is the same desire. To push in and do a great job! These are the people I really want to help!
So buckle up! I am offering my services to those who want to show the workforce they are the people for the job. They are the ones that want to make a difference. The ones who their future bosses will say of them "I am so glad they were here." 

Check out my store and the options for document creation that I am offering. I hope I can help you add some value too...