Emergency Contacts Printable

Originally posted on 27/3/2017


I have a confession - I am a Pinterest Fan! But there is one major drawback to some of the ideas there. A lot of the content on Pinterest is from the USA and has details specific to that. One of the best ideas I have seen there is creating an Emergency Contact form that has all your most necessary phone numbers for any situation in one handy place - stuck to your fridge! But as the USA emergency number is 911 and the Australian one is 000 I could never really use any of those printables. 

As a part of the creative activities for my local MOPs (Mothers of Pre-schoolers) group, I created a version of this Emergency Contact form. But once it was done I realised so many other Aussie Mums and Families could benefit from having access to this! So I am making it available in 3 different colour schemes as a freebie on the site!

As we are based in Western Australia, all the "Other Emergency Numbers" were originally created for the services we have access to here. But as I am hoping other Aussies get this, I have left them blank in the PDF version you can download HERE.

If you are also in WA, here is the phone numbers you will need for that section, then you will just need to look up the number of your local ranger and any phone and Internet companies that you use! (I don't claim these are perfect so please check them if you want to be sure they are correct!).

Health Direct - 1800 022 222
Poisons Information – 13 11 26
Police Info Line – 131 444
DFES (Fire Info) – 13 33 37
SES – 132 500
Centrelink Families – 136 150
Lifeline – 13 11 14
Gas Leaks – 13 13 52
Water Leaks – 13 13 75
Electricity – 13 13 51

The sheets are the perfect way to ensure that you have all your bases covered when the Internet is out or your mobile phone is flat and you need to access them quickly! It is also a great asset for when you finally get a babysitter and can leave the house for any length of time. You can literally say "All the emergency numbers are on the fridge!"

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