About Us

My name is Kirsty Holland and Sanctified Documents is the business name for my technical writing work. I am a degree trained Mechanical Engineer with experience in Small Business start-ups, Marketing, Research, and Development. I am based in Armadale in Perth's South-Eastern suburbs.

I started out as an Admin worker for both small and large companies that required documents to oil the wheels of their daily work. Instruction manuals, Business Plans, Policies, Forms, anything that allowed the business to run smoother. 

I went on to be trained by a not-for-profit on writing resumes and cover letters and I learnt a lot about helping people display their work experience in a way that made them stand out. Most of my professional career has revolved around writing and document creation, lucky for me it is a passion. 

I have worked for large companies such as Perth Airport and Bluescope Steel and small businesses such as Agricultural Machinery Dealers. I have also worked for Not-for-Profits building their websites, social media presence and writing press releases and magazine articles. For 4 years I also ran various motorsport teams and managed their online presence, sponsorship portfolios and engineering documentation. In this time I have been exposed to many industries and have interacted with the roles that they are composed of. Creating documents that support and increase the efficiency and hire-ability of individuals has always been a core part of my roles.

Previous to running Sanctified Documents I had my own small business start-up with an online retail business. I went on to successfully sell this when my life situation changed. I completed my Cert IV Small Business Management through the NEIS program in preparation for this business and was awarded the highest mark from my RTO on graduation. 

I started Sanctified Documents to use my skills to help the community around me. I know that when people can get the work they desire, they are happier. When businesses really know who they are hiring and they can provide their new and existing staff with well structured documents that work, it is a win all round.

I enjoy getting the best result for my clients, because when they are happy – I’m happy!