T's & C's

Terms and Conditions

Scope of Work
Sanctified Document Services provides document creation services to assist individuals reach their employment goals. This is through provision of resume writing, cover letter and selection criteria services as well as Small Business support documentation. These services are completed through ongoing contact with the client to ensure that all information relevant to the document is included. Custom document creation can also be negotiated on request.

Draft Documents
Sanctified Documents creates documents based on the information provided by the client and it is not the responsibility of Sanctified Document Services to check the accuracy of this information. Once Sanctified Document Services has prepared a draft document, it will be sent to the client to be checked. The client must review all information and ensure it is accurate. Sanctified Document Services cannot and will not be held accountable for any information that is not true or inaccurate. If the client does not request a revision within 7 days of receiving a first draft, it will be assumed that the information provided is correct. For further revision policy details please see our Revision, Refund and Cancellation Policies below.

All work by Sanctified Document Services remains at all times the property of Sanctified Document Services. The client has the right to copy, edit or reproduce the work for personal use. The client is not permitted to use the document for commercial use such as creating a template for sale or download or for selling to a 3rd party. At no time is the client allowed to claim rights in creation of a document.

Limitation of Liability
Sanctified Document Services cannot guarantee interviews, job placements or successful business based on the purchase or use of our services. Documents only support the hard work of individuals. Sanctified Document Services has no control over whether a client will be selected for a position or if the business documents we create will dramatically change the course of their business. These documents are created in collaboration with clients but it is always the responsibility of the client to ensure the use of the documents is as intended. Sanctified Documents creates documents based on the information provided by the client and it is not the responsibility of Sanctified Document Services to check the accuracy of this information. Sanctified Document Services cannot be held liable if a client does not secure an interview/job or develop a successful business based on the documents we create. Sanctified Document Services is not liable for any Financial loss and /or Damages should the Applicant not secure employment.

Payment Policy
We offer 2 payment methods which you can use to complete the checkout process with us.

1. Paypal
This is our preferred payment option.

2. Direct Deposit (Listed as "Phone Option" in payment choices)
This relies on the security that your own bank provides either through Internet banking that you initiate or through going to your local branch and making a deposit.
Both of these payment methods are subject to the security that each of these services provide. Sanctified Document Services does not take any responsibility for errors caused by these institutions. 
Sanctified Document services does not record or use your credit card or banking details.

Once payment is completed you will receive a confirmation email with your current payment status. If it is listed as "Awaiting payment" you must complete payment immediately to ensure your booking for document creation can go ahead. If you have selected to pay via Direct Deposit, you will need to complete this at least 3 business days before your appointment to ensure that the payment clears prior to your appointment. If this is not possible, please call us on 0421 242 772 to provide us with a receipt number and we will attempt to move forward with your appointment.
If you wish to cancel your appointment, please refer to the Cancellation and Refund Policy below.

Revision Policy
If you require further editing to the documentation that we have created for you, please let us know. We wish only to create high quality and affordable documents which assist you in meeting your goals. When a document has been drafted and sent, there are 2 revisions allowed within a 7 day period. Once a final version has been accepted there is no refund or returns possible. All requests for revisions must be made in writing via Email. Multiple issues can be addressed in each revision request but only 2 revision requests per document can be processed. If more than 7 days elapses after a draft has been submitted and no further revisions have been requested, the document will be re-issued as a final version. If you request a final version before the 7 days elapses you will have been considered as accepting the final document and no further revisions are possible. Each revision has a 2 business day turn-around.

Refund and Cancellation Policy
If you have created a booking and it is more than 3 business days before the appointment, there is a no-questions-asked refund on all services. If you need to cancel your appointment with less notice than 3 business days, you will be charged a 50% booking fee for all services that you have appointments for. You are welcome to re-book with us another time and the remaining 50% which would be refunded to you can be put towards a future appointment.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the services you have received and you have completed the revision process, we require that an application for refund be made in writing. All sales are final once the final draft has been deemed to have been accepted. Final drafts are deemed to have been accepted once a customer has emailed or spoken to us on the phone to tell us this, or once 7 days have elapsed after the first draft has been submitted. The ACCC Consumer Rights for the provision of services can be found HERE.

This list of policies represents the entire agreement with between the client and Sanctified Document Services and supersedes all other written or verbal agreements.